Hear from some of our volunteers and beneficiaries about their experience at Qnushyo.

It has been my pleasure to volunteer at Qnushyo doing crafts with the kids who are always enthusiastic and enjoy their classes. The community centre offers a warm and welcoming environment for many families in need and I’m really touched to see how much they love and care for one another. They  always appreciate the input from the volunteers and I hope that Qnushyo will continue to receive contributions & donations to assist a wonderful community of people.- Angie


No words can do justice to the amazing experience I’ve had at Qnushyo for the past one year. The women and children are so welcoming, caring and loving. I truly enjoyed my days with them. I am extremely grateful to have been able to be a part of the Qnushyo’s family. A big family with lots of laughter and love. It’s awesome!

“ Volunteers are just ordinary people who reach out and take a hand and together make a difference that lasts a lifetime “. – Diyana


I’ve been coming to Qnushyo for 4 years. I really love this friendly environment here. It really makes me happy how they’re doing their best for kids. I also learned here that I can also work and do something good and this gave me a great confidence. Now I can help other Syrian women about legal works, daily issues, schools, hospitals and how they can socialize.- Zuka


I’ve been coming to Qnushyo for almost a year. This place gave me the opportunity to socialize and become more resilient. I now learnt a lot about so many different people and their cultures. I love this place.  – Kewser


I’m actively participating to and supporting Qnushyo’s activities for 2 years. Before I came here, I didn’t know anybody and didn’t have a social life. Here, I can spend my time very productively. My kids are also learning so much by participating to the Qnushyo’s activities, they love this place. Now, I feel that my relationship with my kids has really improved since I became an active member of the community. I also love that I can also directly help newcomers who are in need as I was once. I’m doing my best to help them with the help of Qnushyo team who did their best to guide us to teach us about life in Turkey. – Hevron


I’ve been coming to Qnushyo for 3 years. This place really changed my life. Before coming here, I was always at home. I met so many different people and cultures, because Qnushyo’s volunteers are coming so many different countries. These volunteers helped me to learn about my own capacity and they also helped my daughter’s registration and school enrollment process. Now, with all the experience I gained here, I can help other Syrian women. I’m really happy to be a part of Qnushyo.- Yasmin


I’ve been coming here for 1.5 years. I’ve had a lot of friend here. Before that, I was always at home and didn’t know how to become more social. This place has become our meeting place with our friends. I’m very glad that this place exists and they are doing such wonderful things for our children. The more wonderful thing is that I can actually help them. – Taghred