How to Volunteer

Volunteering at Qnushyo is a great way to help refugees in Istanbul and to engage in interaction with the community. Not only are you helping others to empower themselves and develop their skills and talents - you are also making friends that will last a lifetime.

If you are in Istanbul and would like to volunteer at the center, or to organize an activity of your choice, please fill out the form below.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Anna Pinosa


The people at Qnushyo have become like a family for me. Since I started volunteering there at the beginning of 2016, I have spent so much time there doing so many different things. Even though teaching English was the original objective, I ended up doing a lot of other activities and very often just relaxing and chatting with those who are now my friends, or just cooking and eating too much! And it's not only about the small group of people who want to improve their English and meet me week after week, it's also all the others, the mothers, the elderly, the kids I see there and that always welcome me with joy. I feel part of a beautiful community, willing and ready to help anytime. And English has become not really the goal, but above all the means. To share experiences, prepare food, do trips, and spend time together. And the time spent there sweeps away all the tiredness, the problems and worries.


Gulya Annamuradova

Volunteering in Qnusyo is a truly the most rewarding and amazing experience. I joined the Cultural Center in October of 2016. It was without question the best decision I made. Once, I met the children I fell in love with them. It is a great feeling to see how open-hearted the children are. I with other volunteers help children to become better connected with Turkish community, increase their confidence and encourage them through various cultural activities. Every minute of time spent with kids is wonderful and worthwhile, filled with blissful and memorable moments. I gained a new perspective and deep insight into what life is like for refugees and it offered me new ways of challenging my views. Also, volunteering at Qnusyo ascertained me that the experience, knowledge and eagerness of even one person with an active social position can change the lives of other people, communities and countries despite how different our experiences and stories are.


Sinan Yumak


I heard about Qnushyo thanks to a friend that attends the same university as me. My first impression of Qnushyo gave me deep happiness because of the light I saw in the children’s eyes, I thought about what I could to make their futures better. I realized that their educational futures were at risk due to bureaucratic issues and so I understood that was the place where I could help. My friend and I came up with a plan and managed to enroll 47 children in three public schools. I felt inspired to have completed that mission. I hope the light that I saw in those kids eyes will never fade thanks to everyone here at Qnushyo.


Öykü Yetiş

People in Qnushyo are friendly, helpful and give each other moral support every day. Children could play, enjoy the activities organized for them. Children and the laughter of them drive me to contribute to Qnushyo. Living in the big city we sometimes forget to engage with our neighbours, community. Volunteering in Qnushyo has made me to remember what being community means, slowing down and listening to people's needs. I volunteer at Qnushyo by organizing activities for children, organizing a monthly activity called “share day” which donations like new or second hand clothes and/or non-perishable food are distributed to people who need them in the vicinity. It has been a great opportunity for me co-operating with people who have different educational and cultural backgrounds. I've experienced people are welcomed in Qnushyo and feel at home. The energy of kids, volunteers' teaching talent, their diversity and passion for helping make Qnushyo unique. If we could support the community by creating a safe environment in which they don't think of stressful times of the past and they experience the concerns of transition period here less, we'll be able to build future together enabling them reaching their potential.