At the Qnushyo, a day care and cultural activities are provided. This not only helps organize the children’s days but also indirectly helps those parents suffering from depression or trauma and unable to dedicate enough time and resources to their children’s education.

In order for the individuals to function in every day life in Turkey as well as to build new foundations for their future, various cultural activities are organized for both children and adults.

Other Activities at the Qnushyo

Relaxation and therapeutic activities are currently being organized in the form of a group therapy session, called "Women's Talk", provided to the women of the centre by a psychology student.

The aim of these sessions is to increase the awareness of women’s coping skills, self-­sufficiency, and ­potential. This can
be achieved through the realization that they share some common difficulties and expectations. It can create mindfulness and
awareness about “post-­traumatic growth” and thus create a positive transformation of attitudes resulting from the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event.

Mask Workshop

The mask workshop was an initiative at the Qnushyo to provide a fun and creative activity at the center for the children. Click the link to see photos from the occasion and to read what the volunteer Sasha had to say about the workshop.